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Mission Statement

The Israel Museum Council of the Bay Area is a group of committed Bay Area supporters of the national museum of the State of Israel in Jerusalem. The Council’s goal is to build a community of art lovers and collectors, and those interested in Israel's history, archeology and culture, who will be loyal supporters of the Museum and its creative endeavors. The Council supports the Museum by organizing programs, fundraising, and attending museum related events.


Members of the Council enjoy a broad range of special programming, including private curator-led tours of the Museum’s exhibitions and collections, talks with leading artists and curators, receptions at collectors’ homes, and opportunities to visit the greatest museums and private collections around the world.

The Israel Museum Council of the Bay Area is part of AFIM, American Friends of the Israel Museum.

About the Israel Museum

One of the most significant cultural institutions in the world, the IM is a world-class establishment, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls, center of Middle Eastern archeology, and a beacon of culture, innovation, human expression, and creativity. It uses cutting edge technology and interdisciplinary cooperation to create exhibits of art and culture that are enjoyed by about 1,000,000 visitors in Israel and are presented at the world’s leading museums.

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